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Chicago Paris Cabaret Connextion holds its first Singer Exchange in Paris, September 15-17, 2017.

Translation - Parlez-vous français ?
We won't have headphones with simultaneous translation but we'll keep the communication channels as fluid as possible. Many of the presenters and coaches are bilingual. In the coaching session, the tendency will be to speak the language that the singer understands best, with others of us translating for those who are watching.
The formal presentations will be translated as we go (and illustrated with projections because a picture is worth a thousand words in any language).
While in France, do be ready to use your phrase book for essential greetings and thanks.

Where do payments go?: Payments in dollars from US participants are payable to Maison Clobert (by check or via online Paypal submissions). Maison Clobert is Claudia Hommel's production house and label. Tax-deductible donations are payable to our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas on behalf of Claudia's umbrella organization Working In Concert. Working in Concert includes projects like the Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion and SongShop Live. Fractured Atlas passes the funds it receives (minus 7% for processing) to Maison Clobert.
Payments in Euros will be processed by Mylène Launay's not-for-profit association based in Paris. More about that soon.

Correspondante à Paris
Mylène Launay : 06 71 83 70 65
Correspondent in Chicago
Claudia Hommel : 1-773-509-9360

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