Preparing for Chicago 2018

We're excited to have you join us in Chicago.
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  • Passport if traveling from abroad (current through May 2019). In addition, an ESTA visa-waiver may be required before traveling from out of country. The cost is $14.
  • Airplane ticket
  • Three copies of your music (at least 3 or 4 songs in your key, in score or lead sheet)
  • Cabaret wardrobe for an evening show
  • A pair of comfortable shoes and of performance shoes
  • Notebook, recording device for master class
  • Phrase book or translation app if English is not your first language.


    Natalja Aicardi shares her experience when she was "Fundraising my trip to Paris"—

  • step 1—really desire to participate in this ground-greaking conference
  • step 2—sign up on
  • step 3—follow the easy instructions to create a clear message online and set your $$ goal
  • step 4—SHARE with everyone you know.
  • step 5—keep updating your campaign, sending little reminders of why you want to go, or how close you're getting to reaching your goal

Take a look at Natalja's 2017 campaign "If I can do it, so can you!"

Correspondante à Paris
Mylène Launay : 06 71 83 70 65
Correspondent in Chicago
Claudia Hommel : 1-773-509-9360

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